Ezeetel Systems Unified Communications

Ezeetel system integrates seamlessly with Communicator and Communicator GO, our Desktop & Mobile Unified Communication applications designed to provide business users with a set of features and benefits including Softphone, Messaging, Faxing, Collaboration and 3rd party service integrations capable of transforming a company’s communications system into a real powerhouse. Our main focus is to provide the best path of communication to the organization that helps the employees to have good communication inside the organization as well as with the clients.
Ezeetel Systems Unified Communications
  • Whether you are focused on scalability, flexibility or affordability, our advanced cloud-based VoIP phone system solutions are customizable. Ezeetel system offers quick deployment, unmatched tech support, 24/7 customer service, all on a clear, reliable hosted nationwide network....
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  • Ezeetel Private Cloud VoIP enterprise system is designed for businesses that want to have their own PBX Phone System and also need load-balancing and failover-enabled capabilities. Ezeetel Private Cloud accommodates advancing businesses with scalable phone solutions for business growth....
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  • Contact Centre Edition of Ezeetel  is designed to simplify and enhance call management at the busy call centers and contact centers of any size. Contact Center PBX enables you to increase efficiency in the workplace and transform the way you conduct business, with each edition supporting specif...
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Doing meetings regularly helps to identify the ongoing situation of the company. This also helps in getting new ideas from the employees for the business. Ezeetel gives the feature with much more things. Communicator Go meeting is a Communicator Go Module that allows any user to set up meetings without the hassle of switching applications. With access to all of your Communicator Go contacts, you can start collaborating with a single click. Communicator Go meeting allows you to meet with multiple users simultaneously while offering: Video Conferencing – in a grid and speaker view, Audio Conferencing, Screen Sharing – specific application or whole screen sharing, Remote Control when screen sharing, and Group chat. You can also schedule meetings in advance and even set up recurring meetings that suit your team’s needs. 
Call Recording

Call Recording

Easily set up call recording for all extensions and access them via a web browser. Improve security, customer satisfaction and raise the quality of your service by playing back and analyzing the call records. To make certain that callers have given their consent, you can set default or custom announcements to be played before recording begins.


With SMS, users can send and receive text messages from their desktop application Communicator Go using the icon in their Desktop application module tab.This new feature will also send status updates as an SMS message, for example if the text was delivered or read. Supervisors have access to the MDR (Message Detail Record) in Ezeetel phone system. They can keep track of the incoming and outgoing messages all in one place! Having the MDR will make it easier for providers to bill directly. 
Enhanced Service
  • Enhanced Services allows users to fully adjust settings like Caller ID, Call Pickup, Call Filters & Blocking, Call Forwarding etc.
Call recording
  • Ezeetel offers multiple options to enable call recording, defining whether you would like to inform call parties that call recording is turned on or not. Call recording can be enabled globally, for the entire system, or lower level per Tenant, DID, Extension, Ring group etc.
  • Ezeetel voicemail is an advanced answering machine that allow callers to leave voicemail messages in case a user is not able to answer the call. Although, each ezeetel extension is usually equipped with a voice mailbox, which can be created on their own.
Caller ID and Name ID
  • Allows users to set a custom Caller ID that will be displayed on the Phone display of the called party.
Call pickup
  • Enables users to remotely pickup calls that are ringing on extensions in associated call groups.
Do Not Disturb
  • Do Not Disturb (DND) service can block and temporarily (or permanently) redirect all incoming calls to a set of destination.
  • Setting IVR (Interactive Voice Response) as a DID destination will enable callers to choose one of multiple available routes.
Fax to e-mail
  • Incoming faxes that arrive into PBXware will be received and then forwarded to the predefined email associated to the phone number. PBXware will attach the fax as an attachment in TIFF and/or PDF file formats. They can also be displayed inside gloCOM (as long as you have the proper edition)
Music On Hold
  • Ezeetel has partnered up with Easy On Hold to offer royalty free, customizable and scheduled music and on-streaming hold messaging (similar to a radio station). Once subscribed to Easy On Hold, simply paste the URL of the stream and callers can listen to this while on hold. Alternatively you can upload your own sound files into pbx with our sound convertor and have the system play them when callers are placed on hold.
  • Intercom is a feature which is used in a situation when you want to announce a message to all the other users on the system via their speakerphone. The main upside of such feature is that everyone on the system will hear your message if they are near a phone.
Operation times
  • Your business is spanned across multiple branches, locations, time zones? Your call flow can be fully automated to switch destinations based on operation times you choose.
Dynamic voice conferences
  • Drag & drop contacts to invite them into a conference, mute participants, remove participants out of the conference, or use Communicator dynamic conference rooms for on-the-fly quick meetings.
System dashboard
  • Dashboard section gives you an overview of vital PBX information. It displays hardware usage, main services status, information on the system as well as the number of total calls, answered calls, SIP registration etc.
Switch phone
  • During a live call, you can use the Switch Phone feature to have all registered devices ring with the call-in question to allow the user to continue on another device without needing to call again. A perfect example would be switching from your desk phone to your mobile extension as you need to leave your office and would like to continue your call.
  • If there is someone to answer a call, never send a call straight to voicemail or give a busy tone, ever again. Our queues are fully and easily configurable with different ring strategies, music on hold or ringing, advertising and/or position announcements, call back requests or leave a message, etc. Adjust your agent’s availability with great statistics on average wait time, completed and dropped calls.
User Status
  • Enables users to see the current status of available users assigned to the BLF buttons.
  • Hot Desking is a feature that allows employees to work at any available desk in the office and still be able to have their own extension. If a phone is setup to be used with hot desking any user can log in to their own extension by entering the extension number and PIN.
  • Ezeetel's integration with our desktop app and backend allow for various custom workflows for your business.